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The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

With robust expertise in eCommerce strategy and leadership that contains first-hand experience, Cushman & Wakefield can advise on the pros and cons of selling in the eMarketplace and how to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Some eCommerce sales giants cannot be beat—But that doesn’t mean small or mid-sized retailers can’t gain a foothold in the online sales market and see success. Offering quick order processing and fast delivery are must-haves for most eCommerce consumers. Using a Third Party Provider (3PL) to assist with order fulfillment is a smart option for new, small or mid-sized companies or those transitioning from pure bricks-and-mortar sales to the online environment.

In addition, partnering with an existing online retailer to sell products may deliver an extremely high click-rate and offer sales volumes a retailer may not be able to achieve on its own.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

With extensive internal and leveraged partner-expertise in supply chain consulting, we can provide proper evaluation to assess status quo and develop improvements, and project management to deliver facilities, real estate, and MHE (material handling equipment) to execute the best strategy for each retailer.

The nature of running “case-pack” flow of goods in and out of legacy distribution centers requires a radically different technology and process than fulfilling individual orders.

It is rare for direct-to-consumer and bulk handling to be compatible, but for some types of goods and product flows, the facilities can be leveraged together.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Our strong resources perform quantitative assessments of a retailer’s existing distribution network to plan and develop the right changes for each client.

Since the retail and logistics world is fast-paced and rapidly changing, it is imperative to constantly be tracking, optimizing, and enhancing retail distribution networks.

Developing and tracking the most effective KPIs and metrics are important for measuring network performance. This often demands independent outside expertise to evaluate and provide a strategic viewpoint.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Integration of Retail and Logistics expertise ensures optimal coordination and planning of these asset types for our clients. We are able to support improved alignment of historically siloed functions with the ability to shorten speed-to-market and improve costs changing a retailer’s supply chain through a strategic value proposition.

Demand planning and challenges to modern inventory planning are a whole new world today, different than just three years ago.

Having the right logistics real estate assets in the right locations is critically important.

The most innovative retail technology in-store and online, strongest brand image, and equity are only as good as the performance of the supply chain that supports it.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

We hold a deep bench strength in 3PL evaluation/auditing AND real estate professionals with extensive 3PL operations experience, which we can leverage based on client needs.

Deciding on a 3PL or self-perform model depends on a multitude of characteristics/ economics (such as: nature of inventory and process flow), as well as a retailer’s willingness and ability to manage the risk of self-performance.

3PLs are structured to:
• Scale production up or down significantly
faster than most who self-perform
• Help to distance the retailer from a
plethora of labor, HR, and risk-related issues
• Offer a single point of accountability for
performance metrics

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Our professionals have market-leading experience partnering with retailers on developing alternative ways to leverage store footprint.

Click & Collect is not nearly as easy, cost effective, or successful for the consumer as it may seem, although to the retailer it may seem simple in the ability to leverage existing stores to meet consumer interest.

Fulfillment from store shelves to consumer OR shipping individual online orders to the store demands a different labor plan and store space layout model.

A retailer’s inventory management system will make or break the consumer experience for Click & Collect—if strong it will instill consumer trust; if weak it will lead to a poor consumer experience overall.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

We can help a Pure Player (pure eCommerce retailer) maximize their bricks-and-mortar investment by offering a unique set of retail consulting services utilizing a proprietary software to analyze market economics, aid in optimal location selection, and store planning strategy.

We can simultaneously consult on ways to leverage existing back-end logistics and retail real estate to optimize for total inventory usage and expansion.

The right balance must be met between new physical presence and online retail so one compliments the other effectively.

Optimize existing direct-to consumer supply chain and fulfillment operation to ensure core business processes are stable and ready for expansion.

Develop a physical location plan that addresses sales velocity and allows for the necessary store replenishment system to be put into effect on the ground.

The Cushman & Wakefield Edge

Our specialized capital markets and financial analysis teams work with retailers by providing supporting resources in evaluating, planning, and executing sales/lease transactions, site selection, and retail & logistics brokerage for new or expanded physical networks.

Answering the ‘lease vs. own’ question is contingent upon an array of factors such as business culture, ownership structure, demands for capital within other aspects of the business, as well as the nature of the balance sheet, taxes, cash flow management, and the local market characteristics.